Rudiger Chala Singha, because the new contract is unsettled for 5 months

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Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger has opened up on his decision not to continue playing at Stamford Bridge because the club’s lack of sincerity in raising their new contract wages beyond what was offered. And then I can choose the next career path since March.

Attempts to bring Rudiger to a contract extension have been around since last summer. The Deutsche footballers demanded a wage of £300,000 – per – week in a new contract . But the ufabet club is hard to please. resulting in no progress on the negotiating table  

Until the sanctions Chelsea sequel team owner Roman Abramovich Pro-Russia invasion of Ukraine. Can’t run a football business or renew a new contract for anyone.  

That led the 29 – year -old to settle into thinking it was time for himself to set out on a new challenge as a free agent.  

A new challenge as a free agent.

“ I said to myself in my heart , wow ! But you have to keep your mouth shut, ” Rudiger told ‘ Mail Online ‘ .

“ Honestly, my decision was made when there was a .c . because sanctions were something that no one had prepared for it to happen. It is easy to blame contract failure because of that. ” 

“ I think that the period between Aug. 2021 -Jan . 2022 is very high but no progress . So we asked ourselves – what happened – ” 

“ You were rushed by another team because the calendar year has changed. Outsiders don’t even know what’s going on with us. Maybe we have to wait until June for the takeover to be complete . Even today, it is not possible to discuss the contract extension with the authorities because of the restrictions of the government. ” 

“ I personally don’t want to wait until June to clean up the future . Because that means almost a year wasted. ” 

“ I had the opportunity to consult my wife on what to do. She told me to decide. The kid is still small, like he’s not attached to his friends – so he’s focused that it really depends on us. ” 

“ Now I’m 29 , I’m going to try and decide to open up new experiences to grow up. The most important thing is to give the club the best you can and then go. Even though some people are dissatisfied But I can understand everything. ” 

The Deutsche defender’s next station, Real Madrid , has agreed a four -year contract, leaving only the official announcement after the Champions League final on May 28 .